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Mike Cipriano is a Boston-based musician and photographer with 20 years experience teaching and participating in the arts.
His professional highlights include playing in the Pop & Jazz Orchestra of Brazil, graduating with specializations in art education, music production, photography and editing software, and serving in academic director positions for Academy of Music in Vila Velha Brazil, All Arts Institute of Boston, and Stellarts of Malden, MA. He has also been an audio producer for theater, radio, tv and films.
As a teacher, Mike’s goal is to inspire students to always be curious. He believes that creativity stems from curiosity. Every person is capable of creativity, but it is not always supported in traditional education settings. His teaching method is tailored to suit your learning style and individual needs.
Mike’s curiosity-driven teaching method extends to his hobbies. When he’s not teaching or preparing lessons, Mike enjoys learning and discovering new ideas and tools he can share with his students. He also spends his free time playing video games and exploring the Boston area for street photography.

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